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Goal Planning - Issue #2

               The last blog post was all about the importance of writing down our goals and putting pen to paper, but let’s dig deeper into creating AND accomplishing those goals. What does annual goal setting and goal planning look like? I’d say there are 5 main components – (1) identifying your why, (2) visualizing what it looks like to accomplish your goal, (3) reverse engineering the outcome, (4) finding ways to hold yourself accountable and (5) believing that your goal will be achieved. #1 - Your why:               I know it sounds sort of woo-woo, but I truly do believe that knowing your why is the foundation of...

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Goal Planning - Issue #1

So I’m enjoying the end of 2018 and gearing up for the holidays, but I can’t help but look forward to 2019. Ahhhh can you believe a new year is just around the corner? I hear this said often and I totally agree - the years seem to be flying by! It’s a reminder that time is moving, but we should also reflect on the passage of time. What are we doing with the time given to us? If we can look back at the previous year and see growth and progress, I’d say it was time well spent!  A new year brings about a fresh start and a chance to reset. I love the feeling! Resets tend to be...

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Mom's Month At-a-Glance

So, you decided to check out the Mom’s Month At-a-Glance! Kudos for wanting to start taking control of your schedule. The Mom’s Month At-a-Glance is a resource to help you begin your journey to being a more focused, clear and productive mama! Perhaps you’re wondering how to use your Mom’s Month At-a-Glance to be more efficient with your time. I personally use mine by first looking at the upcoming month in my Harmony Planner. I then take note of any upcoming holidays, vacations, trips, anniversaries, appointments, events, birthdays etc. You know, the big stuff. Next, I transfer these dates onto my Mom’s Month At-a-Glance. Once completed, my Mom’s Month At-A-Glance hangs in a central place for my entire family to...

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